Q: Hang on, have the prices gone up – again?

A: They have. As of September 21 2021, I have raised the prices of individual drawings and the price of the Patron Box. Why? Because that way you benefit from buying “early” and I can slowly raise the price to something more realistic.

Q: What is on the drawing?

A: Each drawing shows all the names of people in a short story, novella or novel written by Philip K. Dick.

Q: Do you draw only the names of protagonists?

A: No. I also add names of people, deities or other sentient beings that are mentioned. Sometimes the mention is indirect or obscure, sometimes it’s very obvious. I don’t follow a scientific guidebook for what I add and what I leave out, I follow my gut. (And I mostly opted for inclusion.)

Q: What is the “year” you add below PKD’s name?

A: It’s the earliest date attributed to a work. Sometimes it refers to when it was (most probably) written, sometimes to when the manuscript was submitted, sometimes when it was published. I use a number of online sources for reference, but mostly I rely on “PINK BEAM: A Philip K. Dick Companion” by Lord RC.

Q: What other sources do you use?

A: I either use printed books or ebooks in english language. In some rare cases I have to rely on copies (in the traditional “xerox” sense of the word), simply because the items are out of print and unobtainable otherwise. I also have some fellow list-makers (thank you, Perry Kinman) who provide me with data I generally use to double-check my own lists. Where I use someone else’s data-collection as a main source, it is clearly indicated.

Q: What materials do you use to make the drawings?

A: I use Lana Dessin 150 (150gr/m²) paper and Derwent Studio pencils.

Q: What is the format?

A: The format for short story drawings is 20,5 x 28,5 cm (w x h). The size is determined by the highest number of names in a short story (“Waterspider”). This way you can compare the different works at a glance. The formats for novellas and novels will be determined later on.

Q: How many drawings are you making?

A: I make drawings for each short story, each novella and novel by Philip K. Dick. So it’s approximately 160 …  times 4 (see below).

Q: What does “Edition of 4” mean?

A: It means I repeat each drawing four times. The first is the “Artist’s Copy” which I get to keep. The second (and usually corrected) is the “Scholar’s Copy” which I sell at a reduced price. The third is the “Sponsor’s Copy” which I sell at a slightly higher price. And the fourth is the “Patron’s Copy” which goes into a box that contains all the drawings and which can be bought as a complete set only.

Q: So each “copy” is an original drawing?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the difference between the “Scholar’s Copy” and the “Sponsor’s Copy”?

A: The drawing is pretty much the same, except for the code in the signature. The “Scholar’s Copy” is cheaper to buy. It’s targeted at students/scholars/academics who study or promote the work of PKD. The “Sponsor’s Copy” is more expensive, and the buyer is invited to pay anything above the base price to sponsor the project. This is targeted at fans with sufficient funds.

Q: What is the “Patron’s Copy”?

A: The “Patron’s Copy” comes as part of the complete set of all drawings I do for individual titles. This is targeted at the King or Queen of PKD fans who wants to feel like having commissioned the whole idea.

Q: How do you determine the price for each drawing?

A: The price depends on the amount of names in a given work, there are for steps, relating to 15 minute increments on a clock.

Q: Can I reserve / pre-order the drawing for a specific work?

A: The “Scholar’s Copies” are first come, first served. You can make a reservation for “Sponsor’s Copies” of specific titles you want to have and I can put those titles next on the list to draw. I would appreciate advance payment.

Q: What about postage?

A: I charge postage but not (really) packaging. If you plan on buying more than one drawing, I will gladly keep the drawings and send them in one batch to save on postage. Orders above 100,- EUR generally ship free of charge. I will generally ship drawings internationally as registered and  ensured letter. In Germany I only ship as parcel.

If so, please use the contact form or simply submit it as a comment below (all comments are held for moderation).