The Crystal Crypt / Available (1/2)


The Crystal Crypt (1952)
Names: 5
Format: 20,5 x 28,5 cm (w x h)
Completed: August, 2013

Sponsor’s Copy: Sold
Scholar’s Copy: 35,- EUR

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* If you actively study and/or promote the work of Philip F. Dick, you are eligible for the Scholar’s copy.

Shipping within Germany: 6,99 EUR (parcel; or as letter, 3,60 EUR at your own risk)
International shipping: 7,60 EUR (registered and insured letter)

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* Scholar’s Copy:
If you are a scholar of the work of Philip K. Dick, you may request a “Scholar’s Copy”, which is sold at a fixed price that is 10,- EUR below the base price of a “Sponsor’s Copy”. If you purchase a “Scholar’s Copy”, you agree to transfer to the artist 50% of any profit you make from a future re-sale of that “Scholar’s Copy”.