At 9.000,- EUR, this box contains the “Patron’s Copy” of all the drawings I’m doing for individual titles. “Copy” in this case meaning an actual drawing.

Yes. That’s all short stories plus all the novels. 160+ items.
And I’ll throw in drawings for the “adolescent writings” for good measure.

This is your best chance at a complete set. In fact, it’s probably the only chance.

For the price of 9.000,- EUR you’ll get over 160+ individual, original drawings.
In a wooden box. Free shipping, too.

Payment options:
Standard: 10 installments at 900,- EUR each (first installment due immediately).
Full-Trust: full payment up-front (save 500,- EUR).

Shipment options:
Patient: Full shipment once I’m done.
Standard: 2 Shipments (Full box of short stories / full box of novels and novellas)
Impatient: 10 shipments (First shipment will contain the wooden boxes)

Currently completed for the Patron Box: